Albert Leichtfried

  • Meteorologist

  • Mountain Guide

  • Professional Climber

Albert Leichtfried
I am a person who tries to spend most of my time outdoors. The element water and its manifestations have been influencing my everyday life since I was a child - as an active ski racer, a frenetic windsurfer, a qualified Meteorologist, during my activities as mountain guide and with my passion ice-climbing.

I live together with my wife Vroni and our dog Mira in Lans near Innsbruck. I try to find the optimum balance within the combination of my passions. Again and again my passion leads me to the search for the untouched. My journeys have mostly been successful and I could accomplish numerous difficult first ascents on rock and ice. Known to be one of the best ice climbers of my generation is a great pleasure for me. This is mainly a result of different outstanding achievements over the past years.

Birthday: 28th of June 1976
Residence: Lans, born and raised in Lunz am See
Favourite meal: Thai-curry or Peppersteak - especially after a long climbing day
Hair/Eyecolour: Blond/Blue
Favourite music: Drum & Base, House, Trip Hop
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