DWS Mallorca

"We will fly on Sunday!" called Hermann Erber on Wednesday, October 19th 2005. I did not understand what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go, but he was so entusiastic on the phone that I could not say anything else rather than yes. Spontaneouse descisions are mostly exciting. Four days later, we (J├╝rgen, Andi, Hermann, Julian, Sabine and me) arrived in Palma de Mallorca. Our destination was not to party at Ballermann, but the beautiful east cost of the island - there, where many steep cliffs are, but not so many bolts.

Impressive start

Hermann was already on the island two years ago, togehter with Klem Loskot. So he knew all the psicobloc spots and as well what we will experience this week by soloing above the sea. For me, it was something completely new. Immediately after we arrived, Hermann drove us to the Cova del Diablo at Porto Christo. The 23 meter high cliff with many hard routes is surrounded by heavy sea without any possibilties to escape by taking an easy exit. I was sure - I never will climb here. But as it happens sometimes, I changed my mind soon.

Intense climbing week

It was my most intensive climbing week ever. Not only the climbing, also watching, loughing and to experience togheter in a group is uncompareable by doing psicobloc. Step by step, I could deal with my fears and climb higher and harder routes. Even though we had to leave the island already after one week, I will never forget this intensive week.

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