I was exploring nearly every valley of Tyrol until I discovered a magic place in March 2003, which I named Dryland. As I entered this magic place for the first time, I already had the feeling that this spot would be something special. The name Dryland has a complex background, which is based on three different thoughts. First, in the movie Waterworld, Kevin Kostner was on the search for his Dryland as enthusiastic as me. Second, through the steep rock, the ground of Dryland is dry all the winter. Third, the routes of Dryland are created for drytooling.

Hard work - special routes as a result

Dryland hosts some of the hardest mixed-routes of Europe. It is situated very close to Innsbruck and all existing routes there are set by Albert Leichtfried in the last years. The special thing about Dryland is the high amount of ice on every route in good winters. The hole trough the wall, which you can easily walk trough and have a warm rest in the sun, is another nice feature.

Topo Dryland english - pdf (1.3 MB)



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